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by Endworld Halos

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at dawn we stand facing our time with charcoal on our hands hailing the fire lost somewhere in a mess of ubiquitous grime still only learning to feed this yearning a release from this primeval urge acronymous wars turn the nameless to known we build bases on mars and measure the soul yet a monkey still sits upon the throne in the end of the day we're just meat around the bone wallowing in our dirt [chorus] I just only want to show you there's a way out of this cold waste I just only want to show you that warmth remains after the embers fade but the world is still too wide for our eyes still veered on the inside adjusting to light my music, my words, my quivering pen my scalpel, my torch, my magnifying lens my army - just me and my musical friends just lowly cavemen, beating oil drums howling idly at the twilight of the end [chorus] [solo ku] the last of aeons gone what have we become? shadows on the wall; powerless and numb come escape with me release the ape within over the great fence ask not for what expense for soon we'll all see green beyond this dying dream with eyes like two black holes the gateway to our souls in flesh deformed [solo ku]
here's to my life that, in a way I have survived in the hive where life's become a crime son, you gotta mark my words I've been around, down and out way before your birth so you thought you knew about the big wheel and uh, the works but let me tell you you don't know fire unless you've been burnt it's the only way we will ever learn son, there is no shelter from this sensory storm force-fed by sharp neon tongues the gospel of the whore here love means flesh and flesh is... uh, aplenty for your thirst but in order to join the meat-packin' men you gotta let them in through your back door first it's the only way to the humidor in this hive wound from neon built on treachery and crime in this far-cry for freedom black teeth greet you with a smile in the hive you can feel a lifetime pass in a while life ain't the same same as survival [solo ku] [solo tj] [solo ku] son, you better keep an eye for the blackened suits the only ones you can really trust are the prostitutes 'cause in the skyline's darkest bends words can easily fall mute and when the gravity of things calls for another truth they pull you out like a tooth it's the only way out for me and you
it's all said now straight to my face a poem to remind me of better days of early winter mornings in sightings only lovers see and sounds one only hears falling asleep a whisper, and they're already gone: graveyards and hedgerows remnants of home a sleepwalker in the snow in shadows I thought I was alone in silence soon forlorn by the strangest song: firewood the walls burning golden a passing dream I tend to lose myself in a landscape on a velvet rope crystalline in my outright time of need to drown this heart, this longing this bitter hope that one day we could restore the colours in the horizon in feathers, safe and warm be something we were ages ago so that one day we could close the door shut out this cold your place same as always before one day my shoes next to yours; you put the radio on it's been so long only memories the quietest breeze can snuff out [trees catching fire by the grey shoreline] only memories, passing ghosts these ephemeral dreams taking shapes morose with these memories from a former life in a sanctum within as it subsides
a sole flyer in the rippling face of a fractured sky in the pieces of a dawn survival in the trembling pace the atmosphere high her chances long gone sheer daylight; her hands are numb as she soars out of the clouds another one in her head now is her time to break the chain and try to catch the sun while it's still up there oh, the pride she feels for this chance to be able to die for nothing the horizon her only friend she can't be held back now in her pursuit divine her eyes on fields turbulent solar fire all around as it catches her mind oh, the scarlet breeze, the way it feels: to soar as fast and as high like nothing no longer searching for balance no longer feeling torn in half, but as one not gazing up into the sun not in servitude to its power, but as one not segregated from the fire not isolated from the wind, but as one not disconnected from the water not alienated from the earth, but as one never fly too close to the sun never fly too close to the sea never fly too close to the sky [solo tj]
here I wade through sand and debris this shifting plain it's bound to get under your skin grain by grain: the promised land a colony on move with the migrating dunes resolute to live through a night of june another bite of the desert moon in surroundings transforming as we wade can we ever relocate? trapped in this hourglass treading sandy trails the same sand to bury and convey our remnants away are we going somewhere? all this time has been slipping through our grip all this time we've been nowhere-bound [solo tj] [solo ku]
I've been waiting for you oh so long been waiting like for a summer breeze to touch the wintry seas a summer breeze, a solemn breeze in twilight shade, hours can deceive the timepiece can start ticking quite differently: how long it's been, one million years? apparently like a stranger, you walk towards me asking 'care to take a piece of my misery?' while the waves roll out and crawl back into the sea and falling heaven's columns seize these hours into lucid dreams the minutes freeze the seconds cease serenity a world of peace [chorus] clothed yet nude I stand here in front of you I'm see-through my childhood, my youth are run down in ruins lay to waste my wisdom, my truth; they just tighten up the noose don't go cold on me now; follow me beyond shade and sound past the props, past the blank charade; I'll be waiting where the childhood summers go to fade [solo ku] [solo tj / ku] [chorus]
hello old man in the attic: can you tell us a story? beyond what can be deciphered by man beyond what remained drawn into the sands what the wishing well wasn't able to tell what was planted in sea-salt air in kingdoms where there never were kings escape here anywhere. anything nameless colors unseen visions beyond images where does it lead, this crooked path: desolation or a holy land? [sun, shade, birth, grave] and what's the difference anyway if we have lost the vision that we once had people, we're just bees and flies no fault in the starlit skies for all in all if we just opened our eyes we could see through times MOTHER here we are, blooming the black fruit of your womb GRACE is unbecoming of you the arms of your keeper they shall be your tomb to keep your death alive GREED says you'll be alright as long as you're mine as long as we'll divide GRAVE only ready to take no life to give just willing to tear us apart until the end of our time old man: tell your tale at last hope lives in the past not in these moments we have slipping through our reach bring us anything but this anywhere but here keep us nice and warm keep our wounds stitched but first better raise a glass or better make it two while we're still here before we disappear: one for the beckoning night and another one for the unkind [solo ku]


The self-titled debut album of Endworld Halos is a versatile and ambitious slab of Finnish prog-infused rock, that can be described as a shady fusion of modern and old-fashioned soundscapes.


released October 15, 2018

All music by Endworld Halos


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